WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us

BreezEsmokes, LLC was started in 2009 by Don & Rhonda Dameron.  Don Dameron was a one-pack a day smoker who had tried nicotine replacement patches, gum and finally the antidepressant drugs.  None of these methods worked.  In 2008, Don came upon an ad for E-cigarettes while web surfing.  He decided to try them and the rest is history.  He was successful in quitting traditional cigarettes almost immediately.  Rhonda was so impressed and happy with the results, she urged Don to open a business selling a product that would help others quit smoking as well.

BreezEsmokes was born.  First as a small brick and mortar shop and after a year -  an online store. Dissatisfied with the e-liquid choices on the market, Don began developing and producing E-liquid almost immediately.  BES Vapor brand was born and has been successfully helping smokers become vapers for the last 10 years.